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What a busy 3 weeks it has been between starting a new job and moving into the heart of a city! Since I have moved to up to the city, I have really wanted to feel “the full city experience” at least one day, and believe it or not, it has already happened!

“The full city experience” may sound kind of cliche and perhaps people find it overrated, but I believe everyone should have it at least once. I suppose the first thing would be defining what “the full city experience” is – it could mean something different for everyone. In my case, I wanted to broaden my horizons … just general knowledge of all sorts of different topics from traveling to work to just living life happily. :) So, what really ended up happening? Well, I ended up getting to know some new work friends outside of work (and finding out how cool they are!). I…

  • learned about working and living in Argentina
  • heard the ups and downs of working for NASA as a developer
  • walked through a little of downtown SF on a perfect Friday night (not too cold, not too hot) — gave me the Barcelona feel again!

… and tons of other fun tidbits!! All of this was over some drinks… and I found out that my co-worker’s test (yes, he is a software architect) for determining the amount of alcohol you have had is by asking the square root of 4096 and how close you can come to the correct answer (none of us got the answer right by the way). By the end of the night, we had all been laughing for hours… and boy was it nice not to have to commute 1.5 hours to get home! =)

I feel so blessed to have had this experience, and I feel like it has strengthened both some work and personal relationships. I look forward to many more good times among my co-workers and newfound friends and hope to broaden my horizons even more!