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It is amazing how opportunities can sometimes just fall into your lap sometimes! After finding out my current job via a craigslist posting and 10 interviews later that ended in a job offer, I have been absolutely elated about my first month on the job.

Within just 1 short month, I have been able to check out code and helped a brand-new product go live! Along the way, I have learned about marketing, sales, infrastructure, countless development tools and frameworks), and the entire hiring process! I have had the opportunity to work alongside 2 Java Users Group (JUG) speakers daily (and continue to do so), sit across from the CEO, and interact with some private-beta users as well. Moreover, many of my fellow co-workers possess MBAs from Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, and other Ivy League universities – so I get to see how all of them view business from different perspectives and backgrounds!

Perhaps you could say I am still in the “honeymoon” period, but if this is always how it is going to be and with the countless opportunities available, how can I ever *not* be happy? :) I love life… and I truly believe that it does love me back as well! =)